July 27, 2007 Vol 4.7.1

Upper Valley Summer Time: More Changes Coming.

Fireworks Burst High Above the Upper Valley Sky.

They could have played Wagner's "The Ride of the Valkyries", but, the partiotic music hit the spot.

EXCLUSIVE: Interview: Congressman Sylvestre Reyes.

Congressman Reyes provides UVB readers with insight concerning foreign policy, the many costs of the invasion of Iraq and polishing the tarnished but resilient image of the USA. Read More...
PSB Terrorizes Upper Valley: Residents Left Without Water.
You don't usually think of the City of El Paso as being run by a mob of terrorists.

Cactus Blossom Special... Some Like it Hot!

Summer time is when the cacti dress up and show off. Read More...
El Paso Poet Marian Haddad Continues Search for Home.

El Paso Poet Marian Haddad met old friends at a book signing at the Doris Van Doren Northwest Library. Read More...
Cyclists Swoop Through the Upper Valley.

Things may be changing and traffic may be more dangerous... but, these diehard cyclists make a dash for the Upper Valley every chance they get.
King's X Kicks Off Summer with New Texicans.

Annual Summer Kick-off at the "X" brings famous Upper Valley turned Austin band back for the groove.

People, Places & Excitement.

A few people were out recently at the Storm in the Upper Valley.

GISD Superitendent to Take Reins in Anthony, Texas.

Students in the Gadsden ISD have had to endure petty politics and consequently... what will be a fourth change at superitendent in two years. Read More...
West Nile Virus Detected in Humans in Central El Paso.

West Nile Virus, a deadly disease continues its unwelcomed stay in our region. The first "reported" case was disclosed by the Health Department.

China Syndrome: Global Health Jeopardized by China.

It appears that the China influence is much larger and more potentially dangerous than was previously thought.

Silver City Blues Festival - Virtual Tour

Silver City's 12th Annual Blues Festival is nothing short of amazing... and much praise is deserved by this little town at the foot of the Gila.

Shocking Accident Sends Pregnant Woman to Hospital.

A case of who went... wrong, left pedestrians running for cover... but, one didn't make it.

Again... Rocky Mountains Keep Area Cooler... Wetter.

Just when everyone else is baking... Our Rocky Mountain heritage keeps us cool and damp.

Kids Keep Up with Softball Leagues During the Summer.

Summer time means that the kids are swinging bats instead of from the curtains.

Upper Valley Outlet Mall Will Have Big Impact.

Huge complex may change the little town of Canutillo forever. Some Canutillo businesses are aware that along with people... more competition will arrive. Read More...
Area and Regional Calendar
Hasta la Vista: Sunset in the Clouds.

When it comes to sunsets... the Upper Valley rules! Read More...
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